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Zach Shields makes amazing leaping, scooping, bobbling catch to rob a grand slam

Zach Shields makes amazing bobbling catch to rob HR

You know how time can seem to slow down? How, when you're tripping over the pavement or dropping an entire carton of eggs, time appears to crawl, like a flash of images filling your mind? I can only imagine that time didn't just slow, but stopped entirely for Billings Mustangs outfielder Zach Shields as he tried to make this catch.

In the fifth inning of Sunday's game, Missoula Ospreys outfielder Marcus Wilson came to the plate with the bases full before cracking a deep drive to right-center field. Shields raced back, leaped above the wall and ... didn't quite make the catch. After the ball dropped off his glove when he hit the top of the wall, like some kind of mad game of jai alai, Shields returned to Earth and bobbled the ball. Eventually, after what probably seemed like 300,000,000 years, Shields made the grab to end the inning. 

Once you watch the video, you're going to wish time stopped, too. Fortunately, you can just start it over again. Unfortunately, the Mustangs, who are the Rookie League affiliate for the Reds, still lost the game despite the effort, 5-2. 

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