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Miles from home, baseball is reuniting neighbors

Melecio Campos loves his family, and he loves baseball -- you can tell by his "Viva Rangers" flag.

Campos started bringing the flag to Rangers Ballpark three seasons ago, because he wanted to have something meaningful with him at games.

“When the money is in my bank account, I will buy a ticket to the game,” he said. “And when I do buy a ticket, the flag is coming with me.”

Campos and his family are from Palaú, Mexico, which is just south of the Texas border. Luis Campos, Melecio's son, said the family meets new people from Palau at almost every game they’re at in Arlington.

“We see someone else who speaks Spanish and see the ‘Palaú’ on our sign, and it turns out we know them from somewhere,” he said.

--Landon Haaf

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