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Miss California USA (and her teen counterpart) took the mound wearing heels in San Diego, and it actually went well

Pageant season is my favorite time of the year: it's all about performing for the crowd, affecting social change and coming together as a community to recognize who best represents us for the coming year (note: I don't actually know if this is what pageant season is all about, or, frankly, if it even exists).

Last week, Miss Miami sang the National Anthem at Marlins Park, and on Monday, Mabelynn Capeluj and Cassidy Wolf (Miss California USA and Miss California Teen USA, respectively) shared first pitch duties before the Padres-Cardinals game.

Seriously, check out the pitches they threw. Considering the offerings John Wall, Tiffany, and Captain "Wild" Bill, provided in normal shoes, these two tosses are pretty impressive.

-- Dakota Gardner /