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Miss Miami visited Marlins Park and is really into the food there

Some things we learned in this interview with Miss Miami 2013, Janae Deleon:

1) Miss Miami appreciates some good food.

Here are some of the offerings at Marlins Park: cuban sandwich, grilled mahi mahi tacos, arroz con frijoles, a lime and lobster roll, and a hot dog called "The Magnum." I, for one, welcome a Miss Miami who appreciates the culinary side of baseball as much as anything else. If she name-dropped the Pirates PNC Brunch Burger, I might just propose.

2) Miss Miami's favorite Marlin is Billy, of course

Come on. She's Miss Miami. Of course her favorite Marlin would be this guy. According to his bio, he's a college graduate. His favorite movie is A Fish Called Wanda. He, somewhat disturbingly, likes tuna. He's basically your average 20-something -- perfect for Miss Miami.

3) Miss Miami really likes Marlins Park

She's been there four times, and yet this is her first time singing. I think it's safe to assume at least one of those other times involved a first pitch, which means she probably came to the park just as a fan a couple of times in between. Good for her. Either she's a big baseball fan, or just loves watching home runs from the Clevelander. Either way, Marlins Park is the right place for her.

4) Miss Miami is either nervous or hungry

She says she has butterflies, which I would have as well if I were about to sing in front of an entire stadium. But, she also says what she's looking forward to most is grabbing some food, which means that those butterflies are probably just stomach rumbles.

She spent the entire interview talking about the awesome offerings at Marlins Park, how her favorite player is a fish, and finally mentions that she's excited to grab a bite to eat. Take a hint: girlfriend is hungry. Get her a cuban sandwich and let her sing.

-- Dakota Gardner /

(Video from Simon Greenberg-Block / Real-Time Correspondent)

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