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Miss Universe goes to Yankees game, is upstaged by guy achieving 'Peak Yankees Bro'

Miss Universe upstaged by bro in Superman/Jeter shirt

Two worlds collided on Wednesday when Miss Universe, Miss U.S.A. and Miss Teen U.S.A. took in a Yankees game from Section 203 with Bald Vinny and the rest of the Bleacher Creatures.

Bald Vinny is the diehard Yanks fan who started the Bleacher Creatures' signature "Roll Call" and went to a 2013 game in a tux because the Bronx Bombers were played at home the same day his sister was getting married. On Wednesday, pageant winners Gabriela Isler, Nia Sanchez and K. Lee Graham joined Vinny and Co. to cheer on the Yankees, but were shown up by a guy achieving Peak Yankees Bro in the row in front of them.


Seriously, check that guy out. He's got all his bases covered:

Aviators? Check

Superman/Jeets shirt? Check.

'Murica do-rag? Check.

Cargo shorts? Probably check.

Never has a bro been more appropriately dressed to root for the Yankees. If the rest of us were half as prepared for anything as this guy is to bro out at a Yankees game, the world would be a significantly better place.

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