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Mitch Moreland scared the wits out of his hitting coach, but he made up for it with a home run

Memo to baseball players: Be nice to your coaches. They are there to help you, to guide you into fulfilling your potential as Major Leaguers. It is not nice, for example, to scare the wits out of them while they're just trying to come up with an effective game plan.


Now, Mitch Moreland probably didn't mean to foul off that pitch directly at the place where his hitting coach, Anthony Iapoce, was standing along the dugout fence. But still.

Perhaps understanding his mistake, he made up for it with a solo home run in the seventh inning to go back-to-back with Adrian Beltre:


Moreland's homer extended the Rangers' lead to 9-7, and even though the Rockies rode a five-run eighth to a 12-9 win, it's the thought that counts. In fact, Moreland provided a good addendum to the rule: If you scare your hitting coach in the beginning of the game, you had better homer by the end.