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Check out some of the coolest bobbleheads that you (and Dan Haren) own

Why does National Bobblehead Day exist? Well, as the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame says, "Because bobbleheads are awesome."

We can't really disagree. Come on! They're little statues with heads that bounce up and down. That's just fun. And it looks like you think so too -- we asked you to send in pictures of your favorite bobbleheads, and you obliged. So, to celebrate this delightful national holiday, here are a few of our favorites: 

Some people keep bobbleheads around to remind them of baseball milestones:

Some people just like costumes:


Or bobbleheads with sweet rides:


Bobbleheads with props? Definitely invited to the party:



Bobble-beards -- well, giant mustache, really:

Bobble ... feet?

And of course, perhaps the most popular submission, the bobble-GOAT: