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MLB Network's Dan Plesac hangs out with adorable pups at Westminster Kennel Club

Dan Plesac hangs with pups at Westminster Dog Show

Forget the Super Bowl, the Royal Rumble and even the Dillon Panthers' homecoming football game: the biggest (and cutest) offseason sporting event around is the Westminster Kennel Club's annual dog show. And with the show being held since 1877, it's one of the oldest, too. (Which, because this is a baseball website, I feel obligated to tell you that the Boston Red Caps, led by the .387-hitting Deacon White, were the best team in the National League with a 42-18 record that year.)

Hosted annually in New York's Madison Square Garden, this year's competition saw MLB Network's Dan Plesac come down to scout the competition. He had to put in some rigorous work involving petting: 






Intense snuggling:


That featured some advanced ESP work: 

Plesac dog

And then finally, after hours of hard work, coming to an agreement on a contract. At least, that's what I assume this hand shake is about. 


Now then, I have to figure out where each dog would fit on the field. Obviously, a yellow lab is my center fielder, but where do I put the Brussels Griffons? Second base? And what about the Pekingese with its long hair dragging on the ground. Where does he end up -- the bullpen? 

This is the kind of thinking that could keep a person up all night.