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Can you dominate this week's MLB News Quiz (9/20 - 9/26)?

Try your hand at the MLB News Quiz (9/20 - 9/26)

IT'S CLINCHING TIME. The postseason picture is beginning to slowly crystallize, as teams are packing their bags for October. You know what that means: So much champagne, so much break-dancing. But before any celebration there must be baseball, and this week had lots of it. Emmy-winner Tony Hale aka Buster Bluth threw out a first pitch, Kyle Schwarber hit a foul ball that came right back at him, and Johnny Cueto danced on the mound. And there was a cheetah at Wrigley Field -- look, we never said baseball couldn't get weird, sometimes. 

Before you set your sights on the October to come, prove you know everything about the games that just happened with this week's News Quiz.