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MLB player John Baker spends offseason trying new profession: MLB Hot Stove reporter

John Baker tries hand as an MLB Hot Stove reporter

What do MLB players do in the offseason? Wear sweaters, hang out at football games and … break news of reported signings of other MLB players.

Yes, catcher John Baker was the first to break the news that his former Padres teammate Chris Denorfia and the Cubs have reportedly agreed to a one-year deal. And not only did Baker report the news, but he gave the recent Mariners outfielder a pretty convincing endorsement, too.

If Baker ever feels like switching career paths, we think he'd have a bright future as a Hot Stove reporter. 

Before you have doubts, Ken Rosenthal confirmed that Baker was indeed first:

This isn't the first time Rosenthal has been scooped by an unlikely source either -- remember those two teens that broke Billy Butler's deal with the A's?

Hey, if you're going to get scooped, professional baseball players and teenagers are the way to go. In fact, the official ranking of Individuals to Scoop MLB Signings reads as follows:

MLB players


Talking animals

Sentient computers

MLB umpires


Time traveling bullies with sports almanacs

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