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MLB players read out their latest text messages

The MLB Fan Cavers were recently given the opportunity to interview their favorite MLB All-Stars and ask them anything that they wanted. What do you think they asked? Favorite ice cream flavor? Who is your hero? What does it feel like to live out your childhood dream? All of those would have worked. But instead, they asked a deeper, philosophical, existential question: What is the last text message that you've received?

There are some good answers in there (see Addison Reed) but we have some follow-up questions...

1) Derek Jeter: If you never text because you prefer to call, do you have a texting plan? Or does it cost you $1/text?

2) Bronson Arroyo: Why in the world do you have a flip phone? How long is your contract for and when do you qualify for an upgrade?

3) Charlie Sheen (yeah, he's in the video too): We knew your dad was the coolest but who knew your mom was so with it too? Also, do you ever call her The First Lady?