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VIDEO: MLB's 2015 All-Stars have spoken and they say a hot dog is NOT a sandwich

VIDEO: All-Stars say hot dogs are not sandwiches

The human race is comprised of two types of people: those who think that a hot dog is NOT a sandwich and those who are incorrect.

If you want to get specific about it, a hot dog is not a sandwich, but it's OK to group it as such when organizing a menu or price board because it's tangentially related to a sandwich in the fact that it's more substantial than an appetizer you'd be expected to share, isn't a salad and should not qualify as an entree. 

Ahead of their appearances at the 2015 MLB All-Star Game presented by T-Mobile, we got a slew of baseball's biggest names to weigh in on the divisive issue. Perhaps unsurprisingly, they're experts on the topic.

Jacob deGrom, SP, New York Mets

"No. I've never said, 'I want a hot dog sandwich.' I just say, 'I want a hot dog.' If you want a turkey sandwich you're gonna say, 'I want a turkey sandwich.'"

Joc Pederson, CF, Los Angeles Dodgers

"No ... because it's a hot dog."

Joe Panik, 2B, San Francisco Giants

"To me, a sandwich is something with deli meat. Something when you go to a deli: turkey, roast beef, ham."

And so it was. Oh, and if that's not enough to convince you that a hot dog is not a sandwich, remember that we got an actual scientist to weigh in on the matter and he said it could be a sandwich if you slice it a bunch of times. But, let's be real, no one's out here slicin' hot dogs.


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