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MLB players tweet thanks

@JustinVerlander: I'm thankful for family, friends, teammates, fans & golf. You? #happythanksgiving

@ShaneVictorino: Always a great time of year to enjoy with family/ realize and appreciate all the things we are grateful and thankful for!

@GabySanchez15: Want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Football and turkey, what a great day.

@davidortiz: Happy Thanksgiving! So thankful for my family, my friends and of course you guys, the fans. Safe Travels and God Bless.

@GioGonzalez47: Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I am thankful for my family, friends, teammates, and all of you.

@HunterPence3: Happy Thanksgiving everyone.....Let's Go Eat! :)

@RobinsonCano: Happy Thanksgiving everyone, hope you all enjoy today with family, friends and a lot of happiness

@TheRealMattKemp: Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. Let's be thankful 4 all the blessing God has given us!

@DAVIDprice14: gobble gobble gobble!!! Happy thanksgiving everyone!!!!

@JohnAxford: Happy American Thanksgiving to all my American peeps in America! ... Love from, John (representing the nation of Canada)