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Here's a sneak peek at all the special uniforms MLB teams will wear for holidays this season

There are some things that are simply good. Things like supporting good causes, or looking good, or supporting good causes while looking good. MLB teams have a history of looking good while doing good, wearing holiday-themed jerseys on Memorial Day (eight consecutive years) and the Fourth of July (nine consecutive years), and donating proceeds to charities. But this season, for the first time, they're adding Mother's and Father's Day themed unis.

They'll look the same as teams' usual uniforms, but as if they've been dipped in pink, for Mother's Day:





And Father's Day blue:





Click these links to see the full galleries of Mother's Day jerseys and caps and Father's Day jerseys and caps.

Clubs will donate the proceeds to Susan G. Komen and the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Those themed get-ups will join the usual camouflage designs for Memorial Day -- which will utilize a new woodland camouflage design licensed by the U.S. Marine Corps (jerseys and caps):




And flag-themed caps and jerseys for U.S.-based teams on July Fourth. Proceeds from the Memorial Day and Independence Day uniforms will benefit Welcome Back Veterans.

The Blue Jays uniform will feature Maple Leaf designs on the cap, incorporating the colors of the Canadian flag. Those will also be worn on Canada Day, July 1.




And then, of course, there are the All-Star Game caps:

ASG Hats

And Home Run Derby caps and uniforms, which are inspired by the beloved retro Padres uniforms:

HRD Hats