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Ned Yost can't go anywhere in Kansas City these days without getting a standing ovation

Yost gets standing ovations wherever he goes in K.C.

The Royals' run to the World Series this season was a big moment for Kansas City -- it was the city's first professional sports title in 30 years and seemingly everyone showed up to celebrate it. It's been over a month since the confetti stopped flying, and according to Ned Yost, he still can't escape the party:

"It's a lot different, a lot busier, a lot crazier," he told MLB Network from the Winter Meetings in Nashville. "When I go to Kansas City, it's hard to go out anywhere without getting standing ovations and stuff like that.

"But Ned," you're wondering, "what exactly do these standing ovations look like?" Luckily, he was kind enough to provide a visual aid:

Yost clap

Forget Alex Gordon's home run or Eric Hosmer's mad dash home -- the enduring symbol of the 2015 Royals will forever be Ned Yost imitating the cymbal-banging monkey toy.

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