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Mookie Betts accidentally elbowed Deven Marrero while trying to celebrate

Mookie Betts is as big a team player as anyone in baseball, and few are more important to their franchise. After all, he is fresh off a season that saw him finish runner-up for AL MVP. That doesn't mean that Betts is perfect, though.

In the sixth inning of Boston's 11-6 victory over the Rangers, Betts and third baseman Deven Marrero were on first and second for Dustin Pedroia, who laced a double to right field. Both runners came around to score, putting the Red Sox in front, 7-3.

So as they returned to the dugout next to each other, Betts raised his arm to celebrate with Marrero. Sounds simple enough, right?


Marrero caught a good chunk of Mookie elbow right to the face. Fortunately, it was no harm, no foul -- just a few embarrassed looks.

Don't worry, Mookie. Even the all-time great players mess up a little bit sometimes, too.