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Mookie Betts and the Red Sox outfield need your help picking a new victory dance

They've Hit Dem Folks. They've flown down the imaginary slopes. They've paid homage to the King of Pop. They've even paid homage to Carlton. For the past few months, the Red Sox outfield has been the baseball world's greatest constant: When Boston wins, they dance.

Except, well, Boston's won a lot this season -- 92 wins and counting entering play on Monday, good enough for a commanding lead in the AL East. After so much dancing, it's only natural to start running out of ideas. One can only Jump On It so many times, after all. So, this weekend, Mookie Betts did what any self-respecting innovator would do: He crowdsourced.

While the debate rages on, we've got some suggestions of our own that we would love to see in center field at Fenway Park. In no particular order:

The Worm

Betts already has a bit of experience with this one, but should anyone have any questions, simply refer to Yasiel Puig:  


The U Can't Touch This

Of course, the pants would need a little work, but who wouldn't love to see Jackie Bradley Jr. bust this out:

The Josh Harrison

Or, really, anything from the Pirates' extensive oeuvre:


The Clint Hurdle

OK, maybe not anything.


The Elaine

Granted, this one generally plays better at parties.

The Slamtana

Or, how to celebrate your home run by dancing like no one is watching.


The Single Ladies

Look, there are three outfielders. We're just saying.

The Cotton-eyed Joe

While many have tried, only one has truly perfected it.

Now it's your turn -- vote for your favorite below, and suggest your own dance craze in the comments.