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Mookie Betts' first big league homer was caught by a guy who pitched against him in high school

Old high school rival nabs Mookie Betts' first homer

Mookie Betts is living a charmed life. His ascent to the Major Leagues has been a quick one -- drafted by the Red Sox in 2011, he made his debut on June 29 of this year. Four days later, he got his first hit in Fenway … and it was a home run.

But here's more proof that Betts was born under a good sign:

He didn't have to hunt down the guy that caught his first long ball, because the lucky fan that grabbed it was Tennessee native Chris Large, who pitched against Betts all the way back in high school. Large didn't even know Betts would be playing that night, having bought tickets to the game before his former rival's call-up.

But it gets weirder. According to ESPN Boston, Large's sister predicted the home run. 

"She said right before the at-bat, 'He's about to hit a home run,'" Chris said. "I said, 'What if I caught it?

After the catch, Large made sure the ball got back to Betts:

What will happen to Betts next? Will he line a foul ball towards his second cousin? Will the catcher rip off his mask to reveal the face of his favorite middle school teacher? Maybe his next home run will be caught by his father … nah. It's not like that's ever happened

(h/t ESPN Boston, Yahoo Sports

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