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Mookie Betts hit one of the shortest possible home runs with a line drive around the Pesky Pole

Mookie Betts has been in a bit of an uncharacteristic slump lately -- though the outfielder has still been plenty helpful to the Red Sox with his defense and outfield dancing abilities. Given how much a slump or hot streak relies on luck, though, Betts may have started the swing back into Lady Luck's good graces.

In the bottom of the second against the Rays on Friday, Betts lined Chris Archer's 2-1 breaking ball down the right-field line. In any other ballpark, it likely lands foul. Even if it manages to stay within the line, it's probably a single or maybe a double as it bounces around into the corner. But not on this night and not in this park. For on Friday, Betts' liner carried into the stands for a home run. 


Unfortunately for the fan seated just behind the Pesky Pole, the ball bounced out of his hands and back onto the field, so he was unable to bring this unique souvenir home. And it was quite the souvenir. Not only was it Betts' first home run since Aug. 3, but it was also the first home run hit with the exact same specs that carried for a dinger: 

Sometimes we all need a little luck.