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Mookie Betts is baseball's next two-sport star because he's in the World Series of Bowling

Mookie Betts to compete in World Series of Bowling

Mookie Betts is a supremely talented human being. When he's not slashing .291/.341/.479 and stealing 20 bases and leaping over outfield walls to make incredible catches, he keeps himself busy by solving Rubik's Cubes at the speed of light and, apparently, preparing to become baseball's next big two-sport star.

Bo knew baseball and football, as did Deion Sanders. Tom Glavine was selected in the NHL Draft, John Smoltz can hold his own golfing against Tiger Woods and, now, Betts is gearing up for the World Series of Bowling.

The PBA's World Series of Bowling VII runs from Dec. 7-19 in Reno, Nev., and Betts has been invited to compete. Betts says that he probably started bowling when he was a toddler and that it's been a big part of his family life ever since. 

"Precision matters, breh." - Mookie Betts

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