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Mr. MLB Universe: Who ya got?

In case you missed it last night -- hey, Pawn Stars was on -- Leila Lopes of Angola was crowned Miss Universe 2011 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

So that got us thinking -- using the traditional pageant events, who would win a Mr. MLB Universe competition?

Let's break it down:

Evening wear: Brian Wilson's skin-tight penguin suit at the ESPYs has to make him the favorite in this event, but don't forget about runway veteran Cole Hamels.

Talent: Charlie Morton knows his way around a six-string, but watch out for Jose Reyes spitting hot bilingual fire on the mic.

Swimsuit: The usual cast of paparazzi targets have the advantage here. Oh, and Pablo Sandoval. No, seriously!

Interview: Does Nyjer Morgan dream of achieving world peace, ending poverty and enacting universal protection laws for endangered unicorns? No idea. But put the man in the general vicinity of a microphone, and all bets are off.

Tell us: Who do you think would win the Mr. MLB Universe pageant?