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Nate Karns throws a pitch in the turf that defies classification

Nate Karns' pitch may or may not actually be a pitch

What makes a pitch, a pitch?

Is it the person throwing it? Does a pitch have to be made by a pitcher?

Is it the path the ball travels? Is any ball thrown from the mound to home plate a pitch?

Is it the throw's inherent qualities? Its speed, its movement?  

Does the hurler's intent matter? If a throw is supposed to be a pitch, is that all that matters?

As he dueled Chris Sale in Sunday's White Sox-Rays matchup, Nathan Karns threw a pitch to Gordon Beckham that defied definition. It may not have even been a pitch. Bouncing in the turf part of the way way to home plate, it broke free of all preconceived notions of what a pitch is, or isn't.


It was unclassifiable. It exists without a record.


It's as if Karns threw his pitch/non-pitch, exhaled slowly and said, "nothingness haunts being."

Apparently Karns, who struck out eight over six innings while allowing one run, was not satisfied with his quality performance. He wanted to throw a pitch that would be covered in philosophy textbooks for years to come. 

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