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Rays pitcher Nathan Karns launched a homer (AND BAT FLIPPED!) for first career MLB hit

Entering Tuesday's game against the Phillies and rookie starter Aaron Nola, Rays starting pitcher Nathan Karns was 0-for-5 in his career at the plate with three strikeouts. 

And that was par for the course for Rays hurlers. The team's pitchers hadn't gotten a hit in nearly a year. The last guy to earn a knock was Alex Cobb on July 23 of last year. Esteban Yan was the only pitcher in the team's brief history to go yard (off Bobby Jones in 2000).

But Karns was apparently gearing up to change all that. Knowing he'd be on the hill during Interleague play, Karns recently took some BP in Toronto and impressed his teammates.

Well, those teammates turned out to be prophetic because Karns absolutely teed off on the first pitch he saw from Aaron Nola, embedding the thing into the left-center field seats.


 It was Karns' first career hit, not that you could tell from the non-chalant bat flip the guy busted out immediately after:


We didn't check with Elias, but there's no way that Karns doesn't lead the league in Swings Per Bat Flip (from here on out abbreviated to "SPF," because lol).

Even 2013 Yasiel Puig is salivating over Karns' SPF 5, which wouldn't protect you from sunburn but would probably qualify Karns for an honorary KBO All-Star selection.

For what it's worth, Nola sort of got Karns back by singling in his second career MLB plate appearance later in the game: