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Nationals fan is baseball magnet, makes catch while holding two drinks

Nationals fan makes no-hands catch in stands

You've seen bare-handed fan catches. You've seen baby-holding fan catches. You've even seen fans filming themselves while making catches. But no matter how impressed you were by them, remember that they all had an advantage: They were using their hands.

You might be thinking "of course you need your hands to make a catch," but that's exactly why you're not this fan at Nationals Park. Even though she was carrying two drinks, she still managed to snag this foul ball off the bat of Starling Marte:


But let's not be too hard on ourselves and all the rest of the fans who have to use their hands like amateurs. Clearly this woman has superpowers like Magneto, but instead of attracting metal, she attracts baseballs. We can't all be so lucky.

Well, unless we're Anthony Rizzo

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