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A high-flying ice cream cone wreaked havoc on the Nats' Presidents Race

Sunday was National Ice Cream Day, a day to pay tribute to frozen dairy goods of all sizes, shapes and flavors.

As everybody knows, the ballpark is a fine spot to indulge in some ice cream-related activities, something made apparent on social media: 

The Presidents Race at Nationals Park during the Pirates' thrilling 18-inning win over the Nats took things to the next level, though, when a high-flying ice cream cone mascot derailed the approaching group of ex-Presidents right as they were about to hit the finish line: 


Take another look at the pile-up that occured thanks to this whole scene: 

Shout-out to Thomas Jefferson for shrugging off this road block and emerging victorious in the race. 

This was hardly the first eventful edition of the Nats' new on-field tradition -- considering the Easter Bunny made a destructive cameo appearance last season -- but it still caused some chaos for the group of former Commanders-in-Chief that saw their chances of winning the race melt away in the summer sun.