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Ned Yost knows from experience that Salvador Perez is the sweetest smelling catcher in baseball

Yost knows how sweet Salvador Perez smells

It's pretty well known that Salvador Perez is the best-smelling catcher in Major League Baseball. Earlier this season Perez copped to donning a little ladies' perfume to get on the good side of umpires. And if you didn't believe him before, you should now that Royals manager Ned Yost has gone on the record describing that sweet aroma.

In a Thursday news conference ahead of Game 3. Yost was asked about Perez (and Alcides Escobar) wearing perfume during games because this is the World Series and we're only focused on the hard-hitting storylines.

Q. As someone who has been around for a long time and seen a lot of the superstitions, is Salvador wearing perfume one of the more unusual ones?
NED YOST: I think Esky started it first, and then Salvy did. I know they're sweet smelling on the bench, that's for sure.
Q. Is that one of the more unusual ones?
NED YOST: Yeah, that's one of the more unusual ones. But it's been effective, so it works for them.


The more you know ...


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