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Is Ned Yost possessed by a baseball demon?

Is Ned Yost possessed by a baseball demon?

After recently seeing The Exorcist for the first time, my thoughts have been consumed with two ideas:

1. It's oddly easy to get possessed by a demon.

2. Why was Lt. Kinderman so into films

But while my mind was spinning with such thoughts, I noticed something -- perhaps Ned Yost was possessed by a baseball-loving demon. After all, how else can you explain the Royals running with such reckless abandon during their AL Wild Card Game against the Athletics

Yost followed that by making a few curious comments during the World Series. After the Royals' Game 3 victory, Yost said that he wanted Jarrod Dyson to make an out, so Kelvin Herrera wouldn't be forced to bat in the 7th inning.  

And after the Giants won Game 4 to tie the series at two games apiece, the manager said:

"Oh, man, somewhere inside of me secretly I had hoped that it would go seven games for the excitement and the thrill of it."

Granted, that's not definitive proof that Yost is possessed by a demon, but it's enough to start wondering. Be sure to look out for these signs through the rest of the series: 

Normal Ned Yost: "I'm going to optimize our defense by playing Jarrod Dyson in center and Lorenzo Cain in right."

Possessed Ned Yost: "I'm going to start Jason Vargas at DH." 



Normal Ned Yost: "I'm going with Kelvin Herrera in the 7th, Wade Davis in the 8th and Greg Holland in the 9th." 

Possessed Ned Yost: "Why don't we see how Billy Butler does on the mound? He deserves a chance."


Normal Ned Yost: "A well-placed bunt followed by base hit will see us through." 

Possessed Ned Yost: "[Head spins]"