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Nelson Cruz and Matthew McConaughey team up to support local teenagers in Texas

Actor Matthew McConaughey was at Rangers Ballpark Saturday afternoon -- but not just to watch baseball. He was in attendance to spend time with local teenagers participating in his just keep livin Foundation. The organization works in concert with the Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation, represented at the event by outfielder Nelson Cruz.

The goal of the foundation is to help young teenagers learn about exercise and health while also giving back to the community. McConaughey is originally from Texas, and he believes "the Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation was the perfect way to help our organization in this area."

Cruz and McConaughey got the chance to spend time with the teenagers in attendance, giving many of them advice while chatting and getting to know them. In addition to hanging with the stars, the teenage participants spent some time on the field, engaging in a variety of field day and baseball activities.

-- Austin McLaurin / Real-Time Correspondent

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