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Nelson Cruz tried to talk his way out of an HBP so he could stay in the box and hit instead

Getting on base by any means necessary is usually what you want to do as a hitter. Walk, base hit, hit-by-pitch, or any number of other methods of reaching first base is the name of the game -- usually. But have you ever seen a player trying to talk his way out of having to go down to first base after a pitch grazed his body?

That's what Nelson Cruz did in the sixth inning of the Mariners' 6-4 win over the Twins on Wednesday night. With one out and runners on the corners, Cruz and his trusty #Boomstick obviously sensed a prime chance to drive in some runs -- so when a pitch from Buddy Boshers lightly scraped his elbow guard, Cruz seemingly tried to argue with Greg Gibson against the HBP, as if to say, "Can I just stay in the box and try to hit instead?"


Sorry, Nelson, that's not how the rules work. But nice try nonetheless!