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New Indians manager Terry Francona got lost going from his apartment to Progressive Field -- two blocks away

Moving to a new city can be intimidating for anyone. You have to find a new doctor, look for new restaurants, and learn a whole new set of roads. Evidently, it's that last hurdle that caused new Indians manager Terry Francona to stumble.

Francona got lost three times on the way to Progressive Field for the Indians' home opener on Monday, despite his apartment's location a mere two blocks from the stadium.

"Finally, somebody was nice enough to drive me in a golf cart down here," he admitted. "I have been blessed with horrible directional [skills]."

Francona's last managerial gig was with the Red Sox for eight seasons, and following that, he worked as a studio analyst at ESPN. He's been moving a lot recently, so it really isn't so much of a surprise that he got confused. Even still, if he could navigate Boston without issue for so long, he really shouldn't be so bad with downtown Cleveland.

-- Dakota Gardner /

('s Jordan Bastian contributed to this story.)