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Newest Met Yoenis Cespedes already has plenty of experience crushing homers at Citi Field

Cespedes has already hit plenty Citi Field HRs

In 2013, Yoenis Cespedes arrived at Citi Field for the first time for the Home Run Derby. Not frightened by Citi Field's large outfield, not distracted by the delicious smells of Shake Shack and not even thrown off his game by the ghost-like apparition of Shea Stadium that appeared beyond the outfield fence, Cespedes blasted 17 home runs in the first round to go with 32 in total to walk away with the belt and title.

It looked a little something like this -- years of practice, exercise and training all leading to crushed homer after crushed homer. 


On Friday, Cespedes was traded from the Tigers to the Mets in exchange for two Minor League pitchers, Michael Fulmer and Luis Cessa. Which means that when Cespedes arrives in New York, he'll be looking to show off his Derby power in a real game. With the Mets just three games behind the Nationals in the NL East, they'll be hoping that's true. 

Jerry Seinfeld even shared his opinion on the trade. Either that, or Modern Seinfeld has become the real Seinfeld and is tweeting from his account.

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