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Nick Jonas teamed up with Albert Pujols for batting practice and a great cause

The Angels broadcast booth had a special guest stop by on Saturday. He goes by the name of Nick Jonas, perhaps you've heard of him. The successful singer and actor joined the guys during the Angels-Rangers game to talk about a postgame concert he was putting on that night at Angel Stadium. But not before some batting practice action with "Coach Pujols."

Jonas took a few hacks with Pujols, who looked on and gave him some tips. If you're going to get any hitting advice, why not have it come from the mouth of a future Hall of Famer?

Jonas was actually impressive with a bat, and claimed if the entertainment life didn't work out, baseball would be the sport he would have pursued.


There was more than just baseball that caused Jonas to stop by, however. He partnered up with Pujols and his wife, Deidre, for Strike Out Slavery, "an initiative meant to raise funds for eight non-profits organizations that work to end human trafficking," according to's Maria Guardado, which is where the concert comes in.

"I think anytime you have a platform, there's a responsibility there to do what you can," Jonas explained, "To send a good, positive message out into the world, and this is one that's very important."

And by the looks of it, the night was very successful: