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No one's catching this one ... except a reliever in the 'pen with his cap

Pitchers catching home runs in the bullpen is as old as Henry Aaron's 715th and usually their gloves (which are specifically designed for catching baseballs, after all) are the only tools used to do so.

But not for Orioles reliever Luis Ayala. Baseball caps are used for a lot of things -- identifying your team affiliation on the field of play, expressing national pride, shielding your eyes from the sun (though some fail at this) -- but on Monday, Ayala was determined to invent a new use.

When Ryan Flaherty hit a home run into the bullpen on Monday, Ayala de-capped and caught the ball in the resistant polyester threads of his 59Fifty. Nice move, Luis, but don't try it in a game -- according to Official Rule 7.05(b), a fielder deliberately touching the ball with his cap results in a rare ground rule triple.

-- Dan Wohl /


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