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New Topps intern Noah Syndergaard presented Bartolo Colon with a card of his home run

All the country's leading businesses excel in picking up young talent, and Topps is no different, as it just added a 24-year-old intern with an impressive background. Most interns' resumes don't include a triple-digits fastball, though.

In a press conference at Citi Field, Mets ace Noah Syndergaard talked to the media about his new position, as well as a special unveiling that the company assigned to him: the Bartolo Colon home run card. With the Braves in town this week, Syndergaard got to present a large version of the card to his former teammate himself.

The card commemorated Colon's first career home run, which came on May 7 of last season against the Padres. Syndergaard was among Colon's fellow Mets who pranked him by running into the clubhouse as he lumbered around the bases.

The only downside for Syndergaard at the light-hearted presser? Mr. Met was in the audience messing with him.

This is not the first time that the Mets' mascot and ace have feuded, either. Let's just hope that he didn't do anything to ruin the present.