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NOLA bold statement: Skip Bourbon Street, hit Frenchmen Street

Well, maybe don't skip Bourbon entirely. It's there and you're here and you kinda have to go, at least so you can say you did. But once you've sucked down 64 ounces of diabetes-inducing hurricane smoothie, shielded your face from infinite infamy in a late-night Girls Gone Wild infomercial, nearly been trampled by a charging police horse and collected a lifetime supply of worthless plastic beads, head a half-mile up Chartres Street to Frenchmen.

Walk by Blue Nile, d.b.a., Three Muses and the rest. Enter whichever club has the biggest, loudest, funkiest jazz band on stage. If there's a cast of 9-12 dudes with brass instruments filtering in and out and it's unclear who's actually part of the band and who just wandering onstage for a guest solo, you're in the right spot.

Drink, dance and get lost in the art that led to Jay-Z and Kanye West covering Jay-Z and Kanye West songs.

-- Ian Kay / Cut4