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Nolan Arenado and his family of baseball players hosted a pickup game in the street

Josh Fuentes / Periscope

Nolan Arenado and his family hosted a baseball game on Thursday, but because one of the participants was a Major Leaguer, the other participants wanted to make sure it was an even game. So, the three-time All-Star was prompted to hit lefty when he wasn't taking turns playing catcher, propped up on a cooler:Arrow

Arenado, a big pickup baseball fan, was joined by his cousin Josh Fuentes, who provided us with a Periscope of the game that took place in the middle of the street. Fuentes, a third baseman in the Rockies organization, offered some commentary to the audience of over 500 viewers. Nolan's brother Jonah, a third baseman in the Giants system, played with the guys as well.


One viewer asked if "Nolan was in the lineup today," and Arenado couldn't help but smile and laugh amidst the live stream -- of course he was in the lineup.

The group also did a tremendous job avoiding cars that were driving by.