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Nolan Arenado is a baseball thief, steals the ball from Trevor Story to turn double play

If you ever played youth sports, you surely remember the kid who didn't just want the ball all the time, he needed it. Try one possession where he wasn't given full control of the ball and he likely went into a series of fits, possibly with tears, screams and The Exorcist-like pea soup eruptions. 
While we can't say for sure that was what Nolan Arenado was like growing up, he showed off those skills when the Rockies took on the Giants on Monday. 
With a runner on first in the bottom of the sixth, Brandon Belt stepped to the plate. The Rockies, no stranger to the shift, went into it again, with Arenado taking up place in the usual shortstop's position. After Belt hit a grounder to Mark Reynolds at first base, Reynolds started the double play by throwing to Trevor Story, who was covering second base. 
Only problem: Arenado and his three straight Gold Glove Awards showed up. 

Arenado wasn't the only ballhawking ballhog, though. Marwin Gonzalez stole the ball from Mariners first base coach Casey Candaele during the Astros' 2-1 win over Seattle. .