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Nori Aoki admits that it was the coffee that made him sign with Seattle

Nori Aoki signed with Seattle because of the coffee

There are a lot of great reasons to choose a job in a new city: Salary, benefits, proximity to your family. But all of those pale in comparison to one thing: Food. 

After snacking on sausages in Milwaukee, grabbing barbecue in Kansas City and enjoying the Mission burritos in San Francisco, Aoki knew what it was time for: a smooth, delicious, hot cup of coffee. Hence, Seattle.

At the press conference announcing his signing on Thursday, Aoki introduced himself and then said, "I came to Seattle for the coffee." Of course, he then added, "And also, to win a World Series." 

Which should be much easier to do when properly caffeinated thanks to the plethora of locally roasted beans and freshly brewed joe available on every corner. 

After all, Aoki knows that every day, once a day, he has to give himself a present. Which can be found in a delicious hot cup of coffee. 

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