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Nori Aoki's first inning: hit by pitch, scores winning run, poses for wildest photo of ALCS Game 4

The Royals' undefeated road to the American League pennant was riddled with jaw-dropping, what-in-the-world moments, and ALCS Game 4 was no different.

In the bottom of the first with Alcides Escobar on first, Royals right fielder Nori Aoki was hit by a pitch from Miguel Gonzalez. Then he leapt approximately three miles in the air.

Being hit by a 91-mph fastball is not a pleasant experience, as evidenced by Aoki's not-so-jubilant expression.

But whatever effects from the beanball Aoki felt heading to first probably didn't linger too long, as he went on to score what would end up being the winning run later that inning, following a catching error by O's catcher Caleb Joseph.

And so, in a way, Aoki's HBP sent the Royals to the World Series for the first time in 29 years. You can't make this up.