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Watch and celebrate eight fearless Major Leaguers who battled the sun in 2015

Eight fearless Major Leaguers who battled the sun

The game of baseball is hard enough as it is -- when you're not trying to whack a tiny ball moving at high speeds with a wooden stick, you're trying to track down a tiny ball moving at high speeds with a leather glove. Adding a giant fireball 1.3 million times the size of Earth into the mix? That's just piling on.

And so, on Official Lost and Found Day, we salute all the brave outfielders who, despite nigh insurmountable odds, took on the sun in 2015. A lot of fly balls were lost, some fly balls were found, but no matter what, your spirit embiggened us all. Like Jose Iglesias, for example, who one-upped Mother Nature by not needing eyesight to catch a line drive:

Iggy sun

Or Jason Heyward, who's in such demand on the free agent market mostly due to his ability to catch baseballs while on his back:

Heyward catch

But alas, as the sun giveth, the sun also taketh away. We remember your struggle, Brett Gardner:

Gardner sun

If it makes you feel better, it's apparently a New York thing:

Granderson miss

Not even defensive wizard Kevin Pillar was safe:

Pillar sun

So just remember: There's no shame in calling for help.

Pedroia sun

And be sure to protect yourself at all times:

Robinson error

Because every once in a while, victory will be ours. And it will be sweet.

Cespedes sun

Talk to the hand, sun.