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Omar Vizquel turns the unusual 4-6-5 double play

Nineteen new names have been added to the Hall of Fame ballot this year. To celebrate, we took a closer look at some of the most memorable moments from the careers of our favorite newcomers. 

Few players have the kind of elite defensive reputation that Omar Vizquel earned during his career. The Venezuelan played for six different teams across 24 big league seasons, and started 2,609 games at shortstop. That's second only to Derek Jeter on the all-time list. Incredibly, his 11 Gold Glove Awards may not even adequately convey how good Vizquel was. His defense was art. 

In fact, no shortstop in the history of baseball turned more double plays than Vizquel -- his mark of 1,734 double plays turned is over 100 more than second place on the list (Ozzie Smith, with 1,590). This Ballot Reel examines one double play in particular -- his 1,490th -- which Vizquel turned during a game against the Dodgers in 2006, about a week before his 39th birthday. This wasn't just any double play. Check out the clip above to see more.