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On the first pitch of his Major League debut, Thyago Vieira handled a liner like a pro

A player's Major League debut is an unquestionably fun event. It simultaneously signifies the culmination of one's entire life of dreams and hard work and the beginning of hopefully a long career. The moment is often described as existing in a space outside of reality -- surreal or unreal.

For Mariners pitcher Thyago Vieira, it quicky got real as his first pitch to Chris Davis in The Show during Monday night's 11-3 loss to the Orioles ended up like this:


It probably wasn't how Vieira dreamed his first pitch would go, but what mattered is that it was an out. "That was so fast," he told's Greg Johns. "I saw it and put my glove there and the ball was right there."

He went on to retire the next two batters with decidedly less drama -- a strikeout and a groundout.

After that welcome to the Majors, everything else will probably seem easy.