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On the road: #ASGAdventure begins Tuesday

Road trips are about endless possibility -- a foot on the gas, a bag in the trunk and an interstate straight ahead. Or maybe an off-ramp to the right, a detour to the left.

Destination, route, speed, waypoints: All up to you.

On a Fourth of July week -- and in the lead-up to next Tuesday's MLB All-Star Game in Kansas City -- there are far worse ways to see the heartland than through the window of a swiftly moving vehicle.

So six of us will leave New York City in the AtBat Mobile on Tuesday morning with K.C. in the GPS and the Midsummer Classic on our minds. The goal: Learn your stories. About All-Star Games, about road trips, about the Fourth of July -- even about baseball stadiums on 102-degree days.

We'll hit PNC Park on Tuesday night and spend Wednesday at Busch Stadium. In between? Off-ramps and detours, open road and Americana. Allentown, Zanesville, Indianapolis and Columbia. Adventure. Possibility.

Follow along at and @MLB. Have stories or ideas? We'd love to hear 'em. Tweet at us with the hashtag #ASGAdventure.

We'll see you on the road.

-- Ian Kay