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Orbit wants to help Chris Archer reunite with his long-lost twin, Jaden Smith

Orbit thinks Jaden Smith is Chris Archer's twin

Orbit wants to bring you joy and pseudo-cat videos. Sometimes, he just wants to have a tea party with you. He's a very helpful alien, so, out of the goodness of his heart (hearts?), he spent some time before Tuesday's Rays-Astros game trying to reunite Chris Archer with his long-lost twin:


Or are they the same person? As you can see in the photo above, Archer signed Orbit's poster with his name, followed by "aka Jaden." Think about it for a second -- have you ever seen Smith and Archer in the same place?

And just look at Archer's Twitter history. He might not capitalize every word, but doesn't this tone seem familiar?

Besides, Archer already has a twin: 

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