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Prepare for dingers, dingers, dingers with the Orioles postseason preview

(Mitchell Layton)

The Orioles are a team without half-measures. They crush home runs (a league-leading 253), but don't steal bases (19, fewest since the Tigers stole only 17 in 1972). Their starting pitching struggled with a 5.15 ERA in the first half, until they completely turned it around over the last two months. And now, they're going to the playoffs. If they follow this process, they'll either win the World Series or disappear entirely. 
But how did they get here? 
Most memorable home run
When Mark Trumbo homered on Aug. 22, you may not have thought it was a big deal. Sure, the Orioles won by one run that day thanks to Trumbo's blast, but this one home run is really seven. Because it was the culmination of Trumbo's seven dingers on seven swings
Which is the much better version of "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers." 

Most impressive individual game performance: 
Every day you watch the Orioles, you're likely to see something amazing from Manny Machado. But if you were in attendance on Aug. 7, you probably saw the best of it. That's because the Orioles infielder didn't just hit three home runs, but he hit them in the first, second and third innings. Now that's efficient. 

Of course, special mention should be made of Zach Britton. Though he doesn't have one standout game -- as he usually pitches only one inning, thanks to his bowling ball of a sinker -- Britton set the reliever record with an 0.55 ERA. 

Most entertaining dugout presence: Adam Jones
While the Orioles put the pie-to-the-face to rest in 2016, how could the man who originated it not keep his title? He pretended to sob after having a home run stolen

Took a fake swing at CC Sabathia's wild pitch:  

And did his best to steal Jonathan Holder's first career strikeout

There may not be pies, but there's still plenty of fun. 
Now then, care to find out just which Oriole you are? Take the quiz below: