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One Maryland farm is cheering on the Orioles with a glorious corn maze


What's the best way to express excitement over your baseball team nearing the postseason? You could proudly wear your team's cap while you're out running errands or decorate your desk at work with bobbleheads and rally towels. But does that really seem like enough? This is your team, after all, and the playoffs are a big deal! No worries -- one farm in Frederick, Md., has a great idea for how you can go above and beyond to show your loyalty:

Of course! What better way to celebrate postseason baseball than by merging it with another great fall tradition. All you need is a ginormous backyard and corn stalks aplenty and copious large farming equipment and ... OK, maybe this isn't the most practical idea in the world. Maybe you should just make a baseball-themed jack-o-lantern instead.

But for fans of the Orioles, Summers Farm has one massive O's-themed corn maze you can visit. It opens this Saturday, just in time for the final week of the regular season, and will remain open through Oct. 31, the off-day between Games 5 and 6 of the World Series. Will the Orioles still be playing baseball at that point? Summers Farm sure thinks so.