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Oswaldo Arcia struck out, then broke his bat over his knee like it was a toothpick

Saturday was a bit of a rough day for Rays left fielder Oswaldo Arcia -- Tampa fell to the Tigers, 3-2, and Arcia finished 0-for-3 with two strikeouts. And, after the first of those K's in the bottom of the fifth, Arcia was fed up. He'd had enough: enough of this game, enough of Justin Verlander and, most importantly, enough with that clearly good-for-nothing bat of his:


And lo, trees everywhere wept for their fallen brethren: 

An impressive display of strength, treating a 34 oz. piece of wood like a twig you just found on the ground. But the bar for these sorts of things was set many years ago, so if you want to really wow us, you'll have to use a little more head next time.