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Pablo Sandoval likes to wear Madison Bumgarner's old cowboy boots for good luck

Pablo Sandoval wears Madison Bumgarner's old boots for luck

After the Giants won the 2010 World Series (thanks, in part, to Aubrey Huff's choice of undergarments), the team has understood that victory is all about having the right accessories. Thankfully, Pablo Sandoval's new good luck charm is one you can post on Instagram:

No, it's not the hat or the shirt - it's the boots.

After Panda tried on a pair of teammate Madison Bumgarner's cowboy boots last weekend, he hit a home run. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Sandoval felt a cosmic connection with the boots and started taking them into the dugout during games. Eventually, Bumgarner got tired of looking for his shoes after work:

"I'd come back in here and say, 'Where're my boots at?' " Bumgarner said. "So I just brought an old pair from home and told him, 'Hold onto these until they stop working.' "

But do they really work? Let the facts speak for themselves.

Sandoval is currently on a nine-game hitting streak, with at least one RBI per game. He's also homered five times in that span. In April and the rest of May, he hit a total of three. 

Conclusion: Anything that has touched Madison Bumgarner's feet is magic.  

UPDATE 06/07/14: Sandoval is still counting on the power of the boots: 

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