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Paco Rodriguez showed up to a cardboard cutout of himself when he came back to play with the Lookouts

Todd Van Steensel

After spending the offseason as a free agent, Paco Rodriguez agreed to a Minor League deal with the Twins at the beginning of the month. He reported to the Double-A affiliate, the Chatanooga Lookouts, on Friday -- and was greeted by ... himself.

Well, not exactly ... Back in 2012, Rodriguez sported a Lookouts uniform when the team was the Dodgers' affiliate. During his stint, the team had a cardboard cutout made of him where anyone could place their face in for a photo opportunity. When the pitcher reported to the team's clubhouse, he found himself standing in front of said cutout:


photo via Todd Van Steensel

"He just saw it and started laughing," teammate Todd Van Steensel told

Now we just need a photo of Paco -- with himself, or as himself -- in one of those.