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Padres broadcasters get creative when game outlasts their scorecards

After the Padres' 4:58 marathon against the Blue Jays on Friday (and into early Saturday), the men on the field weren't the only ones who were tired. Up in the booth, Dick Enberg and Mark Grant of Fox Sports were getting a little loopy themselves.

The game exceeded the maximum 15 innings accounted for by their scorecards, so the San Diego broadcasters resorted to an elaborate system of color-coding and overlaying pages to stay organized.

Enberg commented on the many consecutive zero-run innings in his collegue's notes with one of the weirdest, greatest sentences a human has ever uttered: "If you were a chicken farmer, you'd have lots of eggs going for you there, baby." Grant even turned his scorecard into an impromptu grocery list:

Milk and eggs

-- Molly Fitzpatrick /

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